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The Wooden Wand Collection

While the official character wands have always been fun to collect, over the years I have also accumulated quite a few hand made wands from various wood workers. I have recorded a vlog about these wands which you can view below. The video is a bit out of date already because I have acquired a few more since recording, but that just means I will get to record another vlog for a new batch of wands in the future!

Link to YouTube video here

Wands featured in this vlog: Broomhilde, @broomhilde99 Eric Huffman, @ollivanderjr Rumble and Roar Wandmakers, @rumbleandroarwandmakers Wands of Ergon, @wandsofergon Ilchester Wand Shop, @ilchester_wand_shop Brown and Lobban, @brownandlobban

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