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Welcome to Michael's Wand Corner

The majority of this blog will be dedicated my Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts wand collection, future wand collecting, exploring wand mysteries, featuring talented wand makers, and anything else that comes up along the way.

My wife Hayley actually suggested I start this site, probably because I spend so much time talking about collecting. She thought it would be a good idea to have a place where I can write all of it down, and that others might be interested in the same topics.

In the time since I got my very first wand in 2004 I have been avidly following the availability of officially licensed wands, mostly available through but also the wands sold in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks and those available through certain other sellers. I also have a collection of wooden, handmade wands that I have bought, won, or been given as gifts from some very talented wood workers. I am looking forward to sharing these items with everyone, as well as getting some of my questions and thoughts about wand collecting and the availability of certain wands out in type instead of just in my head.

To keep my collection straight I organize the different types of wands available into certain categories. At the time of this post I have 50 unique character wands, four of the discontinued non-interactive wands and one of the newer interactive wands from the Wizarding World parks, and both of the Celebration of Harry Potter interactive wands. Yes, I do keep a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. With the announcement of the new Crimes of Grindelwald wands I am still missing 29 unique character wands, 21 park wands, all four of the Cursed Child wands available for sale, as well as some characters’ wands that are not sold officially (Lockhart, Wormtail, and several others). Building the collection has been so much fun so I am glad there are so many left to collect!

Outside of wand collecting (and maybe in conjunction with it) I am a cosplayer. Hayley and I work on costumes from a variety of different fandoms (Marvel, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and others) but we keep coming back to Harry Potter as our biggest inspiration. Hayley and I do Newt Scamander and Queenie Goldstein from the Fantastic Beasts series, as well as Luna Lovegood, Lily and James, a Death Eater, and any variety of Hogwarts student (we have sweaters and ties for every house, and how much more do you need?) With each new costume means a new wand that needs to come along with it, so when I get started on Gilderoy Lockhart in the next few months I will have to find his wand as well!

I hope to update this blog once a week and welcome any comments and conversation about wand collecting, Harry Potter, cosplaying, or anything else!

Happy collecting!

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